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Welcome to my world of art!

In a world that can often make a heart ache, I strive to create art that lightens the viewer’s spirit and brings joy, if even for a moment.


I am an oil painter and enjoy working with both the brush and palette knife. I am constantly drawn to the endless possibilities of a blank canvas.


I am inspired by many artists, past and present, and continue to have the privilege of learning under the extraordinary guidance of Rose Corbeil for over fifteen years.  I am indebted to Rose for sharing her incredible technical knowledge and teaching me the language of colour. I am also very grateful for the transformative mentorship of Carmelo Blandino.  I studied under Carmelo in 2022 and have been learning from his continued mentorship ever since.  


I feel strongly about sharing my love of painting with others. I am currently teaching oil painting as a volunteer at the West Island Cancer Wellness Centre (Kirkland, QC). It gives me great pleasure to introduce others to this wonderful medium and see their joy in creating works of art. My attitude towards art is that it should be accessible, liberating and unpretentious. I simply love to see people express themselves and get messy with beautiful colours and textures.


Anything imagined can be brought to life on a canvas. Once you begin to paint, your perception of all things around you changes tremendously. You never see the world through the same lens and this is the best by-product of painting!


I hope you enjoy my site and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments or to discuss a commission piece.


With gratitude, 

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